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You are able to setup mutual goals with your loved ones. Once the setup is completed, you will be able to track your progress. 

A.I. Alerts & Status and Monthly Spending Limit that reminds you not to exceed spending limit in order to achieve the goals.


There are difficulties of saving money for most of the millennials. Therefore, we save while you spend.

Users just need to link up your cards and select which one you would like to do iSave.

Once it’s linked up, the purchase amount will be rounded up to the integer, the difference will be saved from users’ Bank Savings Account at each 12.00 am every day.


*Single digit method means rounding up the numbers after decimal point, e.g. rounding up $8.8 to $9.0.

Ten-digit method means rounding up the units’ digit, e.g. rounding up $8.8 to $10.0.

Hundred-digit method means rounding up the ten-digit, e.g. rounding up $8.8 to $100.0.

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A.I. Investment

Powered by Microsoft Azure A.I.

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Risk-based Investment

5 Risk-based investment portfolios & 1 customised investment portfolio could be selected.

Portfolios contains Government Bonds, Corporate Bonds, Large Companies Stocks, Emerging Market Stocks, Real estate Stocks and Technical Companies Stocks.

iPYGG invests in more than 2000 ETFs in Hong Kong and United States, holds more than 10,000 assets.


Minimum Investment: HK$100

Modern Portfolio Theory made by Harry Markowitz (1990 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences) and Black  Litterman model made by Fischer Black and Robert Litterman are deployed. It maximises the expected return based on a given level of market risk. and it erases the bias on the investment portfolios. 

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