Rather than Complicated Fees,

The investment fee is only charged by subscription fee once.

No additional fee will be charged.

Low Cost, High Return.

*HK$9.99 mth.

*The portion exceeding HKD 15,000 is 0.8%; 

Over HKD 2.00 Mn is 0.5%. 

(excluding cash portion, annual rate and tax not included)

Free Services

If you would like to save money,

you may need to monitor your income & expenditure,

especially for couples to accomplish mutual financial target.

iPYGG's AI Wealth Manager offers free bank account integration,

let you check all of their asset evaluation,

debts in different bank account and all income & expenditure.

You can also connect the financial target with your partner's financial target, record how much each party is saving for the target everyday, whereas other financial information can not be shared to each other in order to protect the privacy. 

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