i-SAVE & Invest

The Best Saving & Investing App ever.

Coming Soon in August 2020


iSave can help you save money automatically while you spend, save money unconsciously now!

1. Link up your credit card and bank account

2. Spend with your card, purchase amount will be rounded up to integer. 

3. The rounded up amount will be deducted from bank account and stored in iPYGG account. 


The only micro-investing account that allows you to invest the changes, the minimum investing amount is just HK$ 100.

iPYGG's AI Engine is powered by Microsoft Azure, which is one of the most powerful AI Engine around the World. Portfolios are divided from Conservative to Aggressive 5 Portfolios, which were deployed Modern Portfolio Theory made by Harry Markowitz (1990 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences) and Capital Asset Pricing Model made by William Sharpe. It maximises the expected return based on a given level of market risk. iPYGG invests in more than 2000 ETFs in Hong Kong and United States, holds more than 10,000 assets. Portfolios contains Government Bonds, Corporate Bonds, Large Companies Stocks, Emerging Market Stocks, Real estate Stocks and Technical Companies Stocks. 

WHAT to Invest?

Government Bonds

Corporate Bonds

Emerging Markets Stocks


Developed Markets Stocks

HOW TO Invest with iPYGG

1) Complete the Risk Preference Profile

2) Subscribe iPYGG Premium Membership

3) Select the portfolio from conservative to aggressive. 

4) Press Investment in the bottom and press "Begin Investing" to insert money from iPYGG to the Investment  Portfolio.

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