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LOWEST Interest Rate

Moontech Finance offers you a personal loan without collateral. It helps you to enjoy the lowest interest rate in the market to repay all of your high rate debts. The application procedure is simple, cheap, and fast. It is suitable for a person who needs short-term cash flow. Possibly, cash will be disbursed within one day*. The repayment scheme is tailor-made, including a flexible repayment schedule.

*Subject to final approval

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 Moontech Finance provides you a tailor-made loan service by simply applying for the loan through iPYGG app. You can apply for a loan at any time and  anywhere


Moontech Finance provides low-interest rate loan service by eliminating the high operational cost from running physical branches.


Moontech Finance values efficient loan services to clients. We provide instant cash to clients' accounts after the contract is signed.


Flexible repayment schedule

Fill in the loan application form, our system will advise the best fit financial products to you.

1 - 72


Reduce Interest Rate by Providing Social Media Account

Provide your social media account, enjoy an interest rate discount up to 24% p.a.

Facebook & Instagram

(according to followers number)


APR (as low as)

Lower Annual Rate

Spot suitable clients by AI & provide a better rate for debt consolidation

Application Procedure

Required Documents

Address proof within 3 months 

Income proof within 3 months 


HKID card copy

"Warning: You have to repay your loans. Don’t pay any intermediaries."

The repayment period of Moontech Finance Personal Loan is from 1 month to 72 months, and the APR usually ranges from 8-48%. Moontech Finance reserves the right to make final decision.

Money Lenders Licence No. : 1397/2022