We aim to make wealth management accessible to everyone.
(Investment service is not provided at the moment)

  • Invest in 2,400 ETFs in the U.S.

  • Annual return on A.I. portfolio: 6-31%

  • Micro investment: HK $ 100


Our Mission

Most millionaires and billionaires have a Private bank or wealth manager helping them to grow and manage their wealth.

According to CNBC, around 62% of millennials in Hong Kong are living from paycheck-to-paycheck. These alarming numbers coupled with increasing living costs show a growing need for young adults to manage finances better. 

iPYGG grow and prosper together with the next generation, by providing the best and intelligent services of greater value to them

Business Meeting

1. Best Fit Portfolio

The portfolio is advised by the A.I. after studying unique user's financial data from Open Banking financial information & risk preference

3 Benefits

iPYGG's investment offers specially

2. Low Cost

The entry cost for investing in the portfolios start from HKD 100.00

3. Excellent Portfolio Performance

Based on the past five-year data, it has recorded 6-31% annual return depending on varying risk levels whilst taking geopolitical risk into consideration

Financial Graphs

Automate your savings & investment with patented tech

i-Savings – Saving when spending


1. Link your card to iPYGG App

Group 10.png

2. Spend with the linked card

3. iPYGG receives the spread by Open Finance


Micro-Investing – Passively creating income for users

invest in selected portfolio.png

6. User of iPYGG would gain profit from the investment portfolio.


5. The trust would invest in the selected portfolio

round-up amount.png

4. Rounded-Up amount would fall under the trust of iPYGG.


Frame 12.jpg

Conservative Portfolio 

Return: 5.20 %

Value Gaming Ratio: 1.3

Portfolio Breakdown