We believe wealth management is not only for rich people, but anyone can access it by Open Finance, especially for millennials.

Allen P.C. Lau, CEO

I believe Personal Finance is one of the biggest components of our lives, and Open Finance is exactly made for improving our lives.

Anson Sham, CMO

As I've found WingBoo before, My vision is to provide new high value-driven technologies for clients and for society.

Arkady Gavrilov, Taxation Team Lead

I am trying to follow one of the best quotes I have ever heard: "Learn more, earn more"

Michael Kit,

Investment Team Lead

I am determined to make an impact with financial technology

Save . Plan . Invest

iPYGG Fintech Group Limited (iPYGG) has received Fundraising from the asset management company Standard Perpetual to increase cooperation for product development and launch in the Hong Kong and Singapore markets.

Contact : info@iPYGG.com

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